The Granfalloon

Hosting Smashing Parties and Outrageous Events on The SouthSide




"The service is AMAZING!!"

-Terence L. (07.16.2017)



"We have no complaints and were 100% satisfied with our experience at Granfalloon. The Pritchards and the rest of staff were some of the most helpful and friendly staff my wife and I have worked with. We knew we were being heard and that you guys highly valued our wishes and concerns. We hope to be back sometime whether its for some food or another event."

-Jonathan M. (05.20.2017)



"The venue is cozy and welcoming."

-Jenni P. (09.19.2017)



"Perfect service and food as well as communication all the way around." 

-Elliot D. (09.28.2017)