The Granfalloon

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Our Staff


Carla pritchard


Carla is the owner of The Granfalloon and Chattanooga Presents, a company specializing in producing quality, original events with a staff that brings an abundance of knowledge and vision to every project. Prior to her opening the company in 2010, Carla was executive director of the Chattanooga Downtown Partnership,  providing artistic direction for many public celebrations that  have become signature events for the community. In fact, thousands have been "feasting" upon the fruits of her labor since her very first summer job making funnel cakes.

She loves coming up with creative, big-picture ideas, and isn't hindered by obstacles that may deter others less resourceful.  Her love of good music has brought countless entertainers to Nightfall and other venues for over 20 years. Event planning can be stressful, but Carla's reputation for maintaining a calm and relaxed  demeanor under pressure is, arguably, her most rare gift.


Karlee Elza


Karlee Elza is The Marketing & Productions manager for the Granfalloon and Chattanooga Presents. After completing an internship the last semester of her senior year, Karlee was brought on as the company’s book keeper. Now, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree from UTC in Marketing & Advertising Design she has joined the team full time!

Having grown up on the influencers of the 90’s-2000’s, Karlee knew she wasn’t equipped for the typical 9-5 job. Through her love for music and craft cocktails, Karlee got her start in the event industry from bartending at a local live music hotspot. Eager to make a name for herself, she applied the skills she learned in the service industry with her witty marketing lingo to pursue a management position in Chattanooga’s thriving entertainment industry. Decision making, problem solving, design cultivation, and stress management are all a part of what makes putting on events so fun!


jarrod brown


Jarrod Brown cooks up the good stuff. Literally. He is the the Head of Operations and Executive Chef for Adelle’s, LLC.

Generationally embellished, he discovered his love for food at a young age. Both his great-grandmother and grandmother prepped him in culinary knowledge. Born and raised in Chattanooga, Jarrod’s first job was with the Great American Cookie Company. Later, he attended UTC and went on to become a conosuir in casual and fine dining since 1996. Before Adelles, he worked as the general manager for a cheese & wine bar in town. Now, he crafts weekly food specials and inventive ideas for Adelle’s Creperie. When he’s not cooking in the kitchen, you can find him at his weekly game board collective group!