The Granfalloon

Hosting Smashing Parties and Outrageous Events on The SouthSide


Congratulations on the beginning of planning your special event! We want to make your decision process as easy as possible so we have compiled a list of FAQs and details that can sometimes be overlooked when planning your event. These details are unique to our space with the different services that we offer.
We look forward to being of service to you.

Do you provide tables and chairs?

Our in-house tables and chairs are available to you at no charge.

Our restaurant tables are re-purposed doors. We have seven 4-top tables and three  6-tops . We also have 12 six-foot folding tables,

We have 90 cafe-style wooden folding chairs.

We can suggest wonderful local vendors from whom you can rent additional tables, chairs and linens.

We have furniture and items that may be utilized as décor for your event. It may also be put away. We do not move our three-panel wooden wall art behind the stage. We suggest that you cover it with pipe and drape it if you do not want it seen. The panels are 4x8 each with two feet to the floor and a foot in between.

Tableware/Glassware/Silverware must be purchased/rented by the lessee. We do not have this in house. We do provide plastic ware for our bar products.

Do you have  audio visual equipment?

At no charge we provide an in-house speaker system that can hook up to a mobile device of your choosing or Bluetooth.  Additional speakers and audio-visual equipment are available for rent from the venue for an extra charge.

How many people does The Granfalloon hold?

We suggest no more than 120 seated guests with rented round tables, an aisle and a small dance floor. If the event uses rented high tops and has limited seating for a more cocktail-style event, we can accommodate 275. Our numbers are managed by the Chattanooga Fire Marshall. It is a good rule of thumb that the more tables and chairs you add, the fewer guests.

How can I use the outdoor area?

We can host a small outdoor area with two fire pits. Depending on time of year we have three wide doors that can be opened to the parking lot as long as evening sound requirements are followed. This outdoor area does not change our occupancy but can add another element to your event.

How large is the parking area?

Our parking lot can accommodate up to 40 vehicles (if everyone parks correctly). We suggest appointing parking agents to notify guests when lot is full and direct them to plentiful on-street parking. We also suggest that vendors park offsite after load in. A map of area is below, and we can share it with you to send to guests.

What is the clean up policy?

Our cleanup is simple - leave it as you found it. We provide bags and cans for trash. Bathrooms are fully stocked. All trash must be emptied by lessee or vendor at the end of the night,  and we ask that you spot sweep. If you would like to hire someone to do this, we can assist you in finding someone. All décor and furniture rentals must be picked up that evening. We have people who rent the space the next morning so this is not negotiable. If items are left you may be charged for the inconvenience to our next guest. We do allow candles for tables with proper protection underneath. You will be responsible for any scratches due to scraping off dripped candle wax. No confetti or glitter inside or out but balloons are okay!

What is the alcohol and catering policy?

Alcohol: As a licensed establishment for beer and alcohol, we cannot allow outside alcohol to be brought into the venue.
We require you use our bar staff per in-house policy.
Due to insurance and legal obligations this is not negotiable.
We do I.D. and wristband at every event even private as this is not a private home but our business.

Our options for bars are as follows:
-Host Bar: 
The host of the event pays for the tab of its guests. Each drink is tallied and paid for by the host of the event at the end of the night. 

-Tickets Bar: This bar is where the host chooses an amount of drinks per guest they would like to provide. The host then distributes the tickets to the guests of their choice. Once tickets are used the guest is then on their own to purchase alcohol.

-Full Cash Bar: With this bar the guest is on their own to pay their own tab and for the drinks they choose to have.

Our products: We carry a house vodka, gin, rum and whiskey along with a red and white house wine.  We also carry a light beer and up to three specialty beers. Special orders will be considered but host is responsible for payment of brands if they are not something we carry in house.

Bar Staff: All events will have six hours of bartender service priced at $120 per bar staff. If there is alcohol being provided there must be a staff member to pour and serve it. Any party over 50 people will require two bar staff.

Catering: Virginia Cofer and Adelle’s Creperie are our in-house caterers. The Granfalloon does not penalize you for bringing in an outside caterer or your own food however clients that do not have proper insurance and business license and payment to rent the kitchen will need to treat it as an offsite event. We have a small prep room for staging that includes a sink and a small refrigerator that is offered. We have no warmers or ability to keep your food hot. You will want to rent what you need to ensure your food is handled correctly. No one is to access the kitchen without permission and without the rental fee charged by Virginia Cofer. This charge covers any lost or damaged items along with insurance.  Clients who choose her as a caterer must use a reputable staffing service of her approval. Due to insurance policy and liability, friends or family are not allowed to assist in the kitchen.

You may contact Virginia Cofer at 423-240-3300 to inquire about her catering services.

We do have ice on site.

We look forward to hosting your event!